Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mint Bridging continues expansion (article)

Mint Bridging has increased its staffing levels by 88% since July 2016 (Best Advice)
Underwriter Samantha Herd has joined from Bridgebank Capital and joins Mint as its 30th employee. She has 10 years of property and underwriting experience.
Mint has been growing its legal, underwriting, credit control, quantity surveyor and BDM divisions over the past year.
The lender offers structured short term bridging loans, up to £5 million, to be used towards property purchases, refinance or development projects.

Andrew Lazare, Mint’s managing director, said: “Our focus is now on developing our sales and underwriting teams, that aligns with our business plans to provide 100% handcrafted loans for every borrowers needs across England and Wales.
“It’s vital that we continue to maintain our high levels of customer service for increased referral and lending activities, while strengthening our broker relationships.”

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